Cationic polyacrylamide
Cationic polyacrylamide
Cationic polyacrylamide
  This product is white particles, linear polymer with water-soluble. It is non-toxic, tasteless, polymer polyelectrolyte, easy absorption of moisture. Its has remarkable features of high hydrophilicity, can be dissolved in the water  in different proportion; can not be dissolved in ethanol, acetone and other organic solvents. It also has the unique physical and chemical properties, such as flocculation, increases the viscosity and dispersion, performance activity, etc.
  This product can absorb the solids particle suspended in sewage, makes particles coagulate into bigger floccules by charge neutralizatio, which can quickly clear solution. Therefore, this product has  the effect of clear purification, promote settlement, fast filtration and  thickening.
The main technical indicators:
  Appearance: white particle     Effective content: 88% or higher
  Ion state: 10-80% is adjustable    Molecular weight: 300-13 million
  Recommended concentration of dissolved: 1 ‰ to 3 ‰   
  Dissolution time: 1 hour or less
Scope of application:
  1,This product can be used for the treatment of urban sewage and industrial wastewater, it is electropositive in acidic or alkaline medium into,and is extremely effective tor clarify and precipitate sewage flocculation with negatively charged particles.
  2, This product can be used for used as sludge dewatering. choose corresponding models of this product according to the nature of the sludge, can effectively dewater before the sludge entering into dewatering machine for gravity sludge. big floccules will be produced when using the product for dehydration, it doesnt stick  filter cloth, also not spread out under the condition of pressure filtration with less amount and higher water removal capacity, the  moisture content of mud cake can be up to 80%.
  3, This product can be used as flocculant of water treatment in those waterworks .It has the characteristic of low usage levels, high efficiency and relatively lower costs, The effect is better when combining to use with inorganic flocculant compound.
  4, This product can be used for the paper industry to enhance the physical strength of paper directly through the role of electrostatic bridge,which can reduce the loss of fiber or filler,speed up the filter water, have the effect of enhancement, retention, leaching. it also can be used for water treatment, play a significant flocculation effect in the process of deinking.
  1, the operator should wear protective equipment, after skin contact, namely water wash;
  2, the use of the site and, if a small amount of leakage, rinse with plenty of water available; if a large leak, the first shovel sweep and then rinse with plenty of water, emergency can be sprinkled with a lot of sand, to prevent the slide into the injured;
  3, the product should be sealed in a cool dry place to prevent moisture;
  4, the storage period of two years.
  Using 25kg / bag or 1000kg / bag.
Sex: Male Female
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