Stickers Control Agents
Stickers Control Agents
Stickers Control Agents

  This product has a feature of strong cationic, can fixed the free anionic trash in the pulp on the fiber surface evenly (by heat dispersion or shredded grinder, make the printing ink, resin adhesive content into a tiny micro particle),that can prolong the cleaning cycle of paper machine net and squeezing part, improve the production efficiency of paper machine (decrease the gooey spot of paper surface, to reduce the number of broken-paper).
  This product can effectively control the resin obstacles and coagulation of stickers during the process of writing, reduce the wastewater load, also can reduce the addition  of the internal sizing agent.

Main efficacy:
  1, It is especially useful for the production of corrugated paper or corrugated board paper, play obvious dispersion and eliminate role on all kinds of resin content in slurry and water;
  2,It has a high density of cationic charge, can significantly reduce anionic trash in the system, has obvious effect on the use of retention and filtration aid;
  3, It can make the wet system cleaner and reduce the sedimentary pollution of ink, resins and resin content in network carpet;
  4, It can reduce phenomenon of sticking cylinder induced by stickers;
  5, It can make dry net more clean

Main specification:
  Appearance: colorless transparent viscous liquid     Proportion: 1.08 + / - 0.05
  Charge density: p, 400, 00 ueq/L                              PH value: 3.0 to 5.0

Usage Direction:
  The products should be added to where the content of anionic trash is the highest, generally before or after slurry pump. About 250 g - 500  g per ton of finished paper.

Packing and storage:
  1, the plastic buckets: 200 kg per barrel or 1000 kg per barrel
  2, stored in shady and cool place, prevent sun point-blank, storage temperature is between 5 to 35 ℃
  3, storage life for one year.

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