Emulsions of Retention Aid in Papermaking
Emulsions of Retention Aid in Papermaking
Emulsions of Retention Aid in Papermaking
  The papermaking retention and filtration aid (white emulsions), produced by Zhenhua chemical Co.Ltd, is polymerized by reverse suspension emulsion,it is categorized into the product of acrylic ester polymer, which is the water-soluble linear polymer, the pre-diluted polymer exists in the form of  spherical micrometer, Molecules between each other is not adhesive, thus the product is with low viscosity and favorable fluidity, existing in the form of high concentration of suspended liquid instead of gel products. It is convenient to dilute rapidly, to avoid the poorly dilution of solid polyacrylamide dilution. (that is different from that of polyacrylamide high-tech products), it can improve the retention characteristic and the quality of the paper,which can bring obvious economic benefits to our client. The performance of product is stable, reliable, and the application effect is remarkable.This retention and filtration aid can be comparable to similar foreign products as a single component, also can use as dual retention combinating with anionic capture agent AKD,ASA in neutral papermaking technology. This product apply to large and medium-sized papermaking enterprise, and get the user consistent high praise. Currently, the product  has been put into use by many large and medium-sized papermaking enterprises, and has been unanimously praised by users.
Main efficacy:
  1,Improve the retention of the fines, filler  and rubber and increase the ash of paper, save raw materials, and reduce pulp consumption.
  2, to reduce the concentration of white water, reduce the pollution load and the late fee for environment governance.
  3, improve the filtering performance, save steam consumption, improve the dryness of wet paper, reduce the broken rate caused by moisture.
  4, improve the operating speed, saving energy, increase production.
  5, improve the physical properties of paper and improve the quality of the paper, reduce production cost, improve the economic benefit.
Main indicators:
  Appearance: a milky liquid     Solids content: 38% or higher
  apparent viscosity: 》150      Dissolution time: 10-20 minutes
  PH: 3-7                        ion state: 30-60%
Scope of application:
  1, It can be use for culture paper, high-strength corrugated paper, newsprint paper, coated paper, white board, coating and packaging board;
  2, The aid is continually added 0.3-1 kg of finished paper after  diluted 200-500 times.
  3, Delivery Time-point:The aid can be added ahead of the paper machine steady-slurry box (Head-Tank ) at the same time of the fuel,such as talcum powder. The diluted ratio,delivery Time-point and amount can be adjusted according to the operating speed of paper machine, the kinds of pulp and pulping extent.
Packing: 25 kg per small barrel, 1000 kg per big barrel
Note:  1, retention and filtration aid must be continually add
       2, the product must be stored at the temperature of 0 to 40℃,
       3, This product begin to degrade in 48 hours after dilution, please use it as soon as possible  as it is diluted.
       4, shelf life of retention and filtration aid is 6 months.
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