Solid surface sizing enhancer
Solid surface sizing enhancer
Solid surface sizing enhancer
  With the rapid development of society and science and technology, Higher request for the paper performance, such as good water resistance, high dry and wet strength, printing and strong adaptability, high surface strength, is put forward. The products in present market including starch, pva and synthetic surface sizing aid have been unable to meet this requirement. Although the use effect of some imported products is good, but they is too expensive, in order to meet the needs of domestic paper industry, our company,jointing with many chemical engineering universities and research institutes,developes a solid surface sizing strengthening aid,which has applied in many companies.
Product synopsis
  My companyhas developed a new type of solid surface sizing strengthening aid after many years of research, the product is made from a variety of cationic polymerization through special process ,it can completely replace the external soil sizing aid, and be used with starch gelatinization, there is no need for metering pump and full-time sizing worker, simple in use and convenient as well. Cost for sizing can be reduce significantly and the surface strength of paper can be improved,also the water resistance can be boosted. This product is widely used to corrugated paper and board paper,which is suitable for surface sizing.
Main technical indicators
Appearance: gray solid        particle size: 40-80 mesh (25 ℃)
Ionic type: cationic          Solubility: soluble in water
Performance characteristics
  Significantly improve the strength of the paper surface printing, shorten curing time, reduce  production cost.
  Entirely replace the use of external sizing aid, with excellent water resistance.
  Good mechanical stability.
Directions for use
  1, usage: replace 15-20 kg raw starch when used to gelatinize starch
  2, when using, keep gelatinized starch liquid in 90-95 ℃ heat preservation for 20 to 30 minutes, and use it when the temperature reached 70-80 ℃
  3. Directions for Solid surface sizing enhancer:Directly add it to pasting barrels mixed with the original starch, replacing  the original starch content of 15-20 kg. That is replacing 60-70 kg per ton of paper with surface sizing aid of 15 to 20 kg, and gelatinizated together with the original starch, so the water resistance of paper can be improved greatly, without any increase in the cost.
  4.Operating conditions for rubber roller:Surface sizing aid produced by our company can be used in rubber roller on different operating conditions, such as  the types of starch, the additive content of starch, starch glue and concentration, temperature, viscosity, flow back, etc. The operating condition of rubber roller should be stable. Generally the common operation method is that 8-10% of gelatinized starch concentration and viscosity in more than 25 mpa, can help improve the physical properties of film formation and ring pressure of paper. Keep the temperature above 70-80 ℃, the high temperature is use to control the sticking phenomenon.
Packaging and Storage
  25 kg per plastic bag, stored in shady and cool place, avoid exposure, shelf life: one year
Sex: Male Female
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