Starch replace aid
Starch replace aid
Starch replace aid

  This product is a alternative of surface-sizing starch , can be used for surface sizing of pulp board substituting surface sizing starch.
Product application:
  This product should be added to the starch slurry storage tank (before cooking) or gelatinization tank.The typical substitute proportion  should be 15% ~ 15%, and more accurate replacement ratio must be confirmed by the experiment.
  For a specific application, this product should be used in accordance with requirements and control methods established by our company.
Product safety:
  This product is non-toxic, but can irritate the eyes and skin. Unnecessary product contact shoulb be prohibited. Exposured to this products for a long time, some people may experience  allergic reactions to the product. Please wear respirator, chemical safety protective glasses and box rubber gloves when contacting this product. Wash  the face with plenty of water  after contacting with the product.
  If you need more information, please refer to the manual of this product safety information.

Basic properties:
  Appearance: white granular or powder     PH: (1% aqueous solution) 6-9
  Size: 100-420 - PM                       Water: < 5%
  The properties listed above is just a typical physical property of the product  randomly inspected. Differences between batchs does not excluded. We dont express or implied the product instructions.

Packaging and storage
  This product is a solidly packing, generally as 25 kg or tons per bags.
  The packaging specification can be different for different product. please consult our company representative for the detailed packing specifications.
  This product should be stored in a dry cool place,no more than 12 months of shelf life.

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