Dry powder for retention and filtration aid
Dry powder for retention and filtration aid
Dry powder for retention and filtration aid

  Series for papermaking retention and filtration aid is organic synthesis of polyacrylamide polymer compound, it is suitable for acidic, neutral and weak alkaline papermaking process.
  Through the mechanism of electric neutralization, bridge and the "patch" effect ,flocculant polymers formed in slurry can play the the role of retention and filtration.
  series consist of:
  Cationic powdery solid: ZH-FZ20、ZH-FZ30、ZH-FZ40、ZH-FZ50
Performance Characteristics
  Add the retention on wire section      Save fiber raw materials and chemical additives
  Reduce concentrations of wire section to improve sheet formability
  Reduce sediment in the system
Main indicators:
  Appearance: White granules     Molecular weight: from  three million to eight million
  solid content: ≥88%           Dissolve time: from 60 minutes to 90 minutes
Package: 25kg per Kraft paper bags and 1000kg for large package.

Directions for use:
  Series are added at extremely dilute aqueous solution (0.1%) or lower concentration condition.
  Preparation of granular solid products: The 0.1% of storage solution should be prepared firstly. Solid product should be added to water through the proper facilitiesr (such as the distributor or flat injection system), to ensure that each particle can be completely wet before the turbulent mixing force. In order to get the best efficiency, it is necessary to make storage solution cure for 45 to 50 minutes.
  Delivery Time-point: in order to give full play to the role of the product, solution should be quickly join and evenly dispersed in the slurry. Delivery Time-point should be at the fully turbulent state, avoid high shear force. Momentary contact and extreme dilution can form made up of tiny floccules homogeneous sheet. Multiple Delivery Time-points are available for large diameter paper machine.
  Delivery amount: Delivery amount depends on many factors such as pulp species, wire concentration, free degrees or knocking solution, fillers and pigments, as well as the content of anionic trash and so on. Generally,add 0.2 kg - 0.3 kg per tons of paper (In terms of per ton of finished paper); The delivery amount can be adjusted under the condition of special applications.

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